Electrocution & Burns

Electrocution injuries are typically among the most serious, and they often result in catastrophic injury or death.  These incidents most often occur at the workplace - especially on construction sites - but also occur frequently at home due to either a defective product or faulty electrical work.  Electrocution accidents are also common after storms, when power lines are downed and people are more likely to come in contact with live wires.  In Texas, destructive storms are commonplace, and electrocution injuries are common at refinery sites and oil and gas rigs.  The following are other common causes of electrocution injuries:

  • Defectively designed equipment
  • Improperly maintained machinery
  • Improperly stored or used combustible materials

High-voltage electrocution injuries are so severe that they typically cause fourth-degree burns, which are the most severe type.  Fourth-degree burns cause destruction to the both the outer and underlying layers of the skin, and to muscle, bone, fat tissue, and tendons. 

Although most workplace electrocution injuries will be covered under the employer's Workers' Compensation insurance, sometimes the employer or a third party may still be held responsible.  If a consumer product, such as a power tool or hair dryer, causes the electrocution injury, you would be able to recover under products liability law from the manufacturer of the defective product.   

Many electrocution injuries and deaths result from improper contact with electrical lines.  Electric companies have duties to the public to keep these wires safe.  If the company fails to take reasonable care in satisfying these duties, it can be held liable for any damages that result from an electrocution injury or death.  These general duties include:

  • Preventing power lines from running too close to homes and buildings
  • Properly installing and maintaining their wires by avoiding use of substandard or non-insulated wiring
  • Fixing sags in power lines and avoiding low hanging wires
  • Fix power lines that have been knocked down in a storm
  • Properly shutting off electricity
  • Properly marking power lines
  • Providing sufficient electrical warnings

Because the nature of these injuries is so catastrophic, you should hire a lawyer with experience in handling these difficult cases.  The Todd Smith Law Firm has extensive experience litigating electrocution, burn, explosion injuries and wrongful death suits.  If you have been seriously injured, or if a loved one has died in a fire, explosion, or electrocution accident, contact The Todd Smith Law Firm for a free initial consultation today. 

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